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Canon EOS 7D HDSLR w/ PL Mount

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The Denz Canon 7D EVO PL features a new custom made sensor-block so that the camera-body just contains the electronics. The sensor-block, the PL-Mount and the support bracket are built as a fixed unit. In order to avoid shifting flange depths caused by temperature changes, the sensor-block mount is made of a steel with a super low coefficient of expansion, which is also used in space technology. The PL-Mount and the sensor-block are positively linked with a support-bracket, which is made of heavy-duty aluminum. At the bottom of the support bracket there is one 3/8“ thread to mount the camera and 4 screws to take the load off the camera body. The shutter-unit remains in the camera & still-photography in Manual Exposure Mode is still possible, by using Live View to focus. In order to start the camera remotely, a 3-pin Fischer plug has been built into the body. It is still possible to activate the Start/Stop function by IR–remote control, too.

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Rent for $145.00/day
Rent for $145.00 per day

Canon HDSLR Record Time Chart

Product Info
Rental Includes

Camera body with self-cleaning imager & PL mount, Zacuto Z-Finder, 3 batteries & charger, 2-16GB compact flash cards, firewire card reader, USB cable, & case.

Camera Info
Lens MountPL
Battery TypeLP-E6N
Media TypeCF

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