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Canon 13x9 Image Stabilizing



Canon, renowned for its optical image stabilization technologies in its broadcast ENG lenses, still photography lenses, consumer video lenses and even binoculars, is proud to announce the development of a stabilization solution for the broadcast field production lens. The first and only in its kind, the J13aX employs an internal Optical Shift Image Stabilizer to overcome image shaking at telephoto focal lengths.

How the Optical Shift Image Stabilizer Works
The Optical Shift Image Stabilizer (IS) shifts a lens group in parallel to the image plane. When the lens moves, the light rays from the subject are bent relative to the optical axis, resulting in a blurred image because the light rays are deflected. By shifting the IS lens group on a plane perpendicular to the optical axis to counter the degree of image shake, the light rays reaching the image plane can be steadied.


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Lens: J13aX9B4KRS-V SX12

  • Zoom Ratio 13X
  • Range of Focal Length 9-117mm
  • Maximum Relative Aperture: 1:2.7 at 9-67mm, 1:4.7 at 117mm
  • Angular Field of View 52.1 x 40.3 at 9mm, 4.3 x 3.2 at 117mm
  • Min Object Distance(M.O.D.) 0.8m (2.7ft)
  • Object Dimensions at M.O.D. 83.5cm x 62.6cm at 9mm, 6.5cm x 4.9cm at 117mm
  • Size(WxHxL) 157mm x 109mm x 256mm
Lens Info
Close Focus32.4 inches
Lens MountB4
Length10.08 inches
FormatSD 2/3 inch

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