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Camera Slider - 48" The Original Slider



The 4-Foot Slider is their most popular model, as it offers the greatest flexibility. It’s small enough to get into tight spaces, yet long enough that it won’t limit your range of motion.

The creative applications are endless. For a second-floor window close-up, the 4-Foot Slider can be mounted on a Condor or other aerial platform. The camera can then slide from a wide shot into the close-up, eliminating the need for a zoom. Mounting the 4-Foot Slider on a crane or other ridable camera platform creates many other tasty opportunities, such as beginning or finishing an arm drop (or rise) with a nice move in or out.

The Slider’s engraved index marks make it easy to find and repeat camera positions. And it helps the camera assistant maintain critical focus, so everyone looks good. The operator can also pre-set the adjustable stop marks to control the camera’s range of motion.

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Rent for $175.00/day
Rent for $175.00 per day


  • Camera travel: 36”

  • Dry weight: 46 pounds

  • Dimensions: 48” x 12” x 2.5”

  • Shipping weight: 90 pounds

  • Shipping case dimensions: 54” x 16” x 9

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