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Ball Head to 5/8" Receiver



Designed for light to medium weight loads, the Ball Head with 5/8" Receiver is a handy accessory that can turn your light stand or any mounting equipment with a 5/8" Baby Pin into an orient able mount with 1/4-20 threads. Made of aluminum and stainless steel, the ball can be rotated 180 degrees and has a 90-degree notch in its wall for fast orientation into vertical or portrait mode. The head has a 5/8" (female) receiver that accepts a light stand's industry-standard 5/8" (male) stud. The head has a locking knob to secure the head to the stand, and an additional knob to adjust tension and lock the ball.


Rent for $2.50/day
Rent for $2.50 per day


  • Ball Platform with 1/4"-20 Camera Screw
  • Vertical Orientation Portrait Notch
  • 5/8" Receiver for Standard Light Stand or Mounting Hardware
  • Separate Ball-Locking Handle
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Manufacturer Part #DL-3100

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