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Arri SkyPanel Remote

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The SkyPanel® Remote adds new flexibility and ease-of-use for the popular SkyPanel line of luminaires. This handheld remote connects to any SkyPanel® via a USB cable and allows for full control of the fixture remotely. This is particularly useful if the SkyPanel® is high up on a light stand or in a position where the onboard control panel is difficult to access.

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Rent for $25.00/day
Rent for $25.00 per day


  • Remote Control of All SkyPanel Functions
  • Duplicates Fixture's Built-In Control Panel
  • Ergonomic Design with Rear Mounted Magnet to Attach to Stands
  • Aluminum Chassis with Rubber Corners
Product Info
Manufacturer Part #L2.0012973
Rental Includes

Remote with 16' USB cable, lanyard, & case.

Dimensions 5" x 3" x 1"
Weight 1.5 lb

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