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Arri Shift & Tilt System

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ARRI's Shift and Tilt Bellows System is the most advanced swing-shift system available on the market today and one of the most popular pieces of equipment for tabletop applications.

Consisting of a series of five lenses that are freely attached to the camera by means of an orientable stage/bellows system, the ARRI Shift & Tilt System allows for unique effect and problem solving, including manipulating the focus plane perspective correction.


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  • Lens Support - 19mm or 15mm studio
  • Shift Adjustment - Plus/Minus 10mm (3/8")
  • Displacement. Rotation - 360 Degrees
  • Tilt Adjustment - Plus/Minus 10 Degree Horizontal - Plus/Minus 10 Degree Vertical
  • Focus Adjustment - 30mm (1-1/4")
  • Weight - Approx¬†2.5 lbs without lens
Product Info
Rental Includes
  • 5¬†lenses - 20mm T2, 24mm T4, 45mm T2.8, 90mm T2.8, or 110mm T2
  • Retro-Adapter that allows for using the lenses in the retro-focus position for extreme magnification
  • Removable 4x4 Filter Holder
  • 15mm Studio or 19mm base
  • Focus Whips
Lens Info
Weight2.5 lbs
Front Diameter87mm
Lens MountPL
FormatSuper 35

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