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Arri Orbiter

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Like the ARRI SkyPanel, the new ARRI Orbiter is leading the way in cutting edge LED technology. The Orbiter is a real game changer as now one LED light engine can be used for multiple lighting devices. It can be used open face, for a broad source, or with optional lenses and accessories. Lenses are available in 15, 30 and 60 degrees, as well as projection lenses (Leko type) for a more controlled light source. Optional diffusion choices include dome, soft box and octa box.

The Orbiter is super bright and features a 400W full color LED. The Removable Control Panel is super sweet, giving you full control of the Orbiter in the palm of your hand. The Orbiter’s processor is 4x faster than SkyPanel’s and 125x more memory. Connections on rear include 5 Pin DMX In/Out, Ethercon LAN 1, Ethercon LAN 2, SD Card, USB-A, USB-C and Camera Sync. Of course LumenRadio’s CRMX solution is included which allows for wireless DMX communication.

The Orbiter is such a multi-functional lighting tool it can be used in motion picture, theater, tv and still photography.


  • Control Panel
  • 15′ Control Panel Cable
  • 15° Open Face Optic
  • 30° Open Face Optic
  • 60° Open Face Optic
  • 15° Open Face Optic Barndoor
  • 30° / 60° Open Face Optic Barndoor

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Rent for $300.00/day
Rent for $300.00 per day

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