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Arri Alexa w/ High Speed

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In response to feedback from end users and the rapid take-up of the ARRI ALEXA camera system on professional productions of all kinds, ARRI has created a High Speed mode that allows the ALEXA family of cameras to run from 60 to 120 fps with Apple ProRes codecs, using Sony 64 GB SxS PRO cards that offer a write speed more than twice as fast as the 32 GB cards. With an unsurpassed base sensitivity of 800 EI and a latitude of 14 stops, ALEXA takes digital acquisition to the next level by capturing incredible amounts of both highlight and shadow detail, even in low light conditions.

Like the D-21, ALEXA creates rich, organic images, with the look and feel of 35 mm film. Both cameras are designed to be used with 35 mm accessories and lenses, so will fit into established working practices and minimize production delays. The DTE feature (Direct To Edit) records to ProRes4444, ProRes422(HQ), ProRes 422, ProRes LT or ProRes Proxy directly on small SxS memory cards. A 32GB card can hold 15 (4444) or 20 (422HQ) minutes of 1920x1080 HD video and the cards can be hot-swapped in the camera. ProRes 2k recording is supported in camera too. Uncompressed HD (4:4:4 or 4:2:2) is available directly out of the camera in 1920x1080. For a true “digital negative” level of control of the image, 12-bit ARRIRAW data in 3.5K resolution is available directly off the sensor without any compression for use with an external recorder like our Convergent Design Odyssey7Q+.

Arri ALEXA Website


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Rental IncludesAlexa body with DTE recorder, color viewfinder with 10% look-around area, viewfinder extension bracket, Arri 15mm bridge plate adapter, shoulder pad, Anton Bauer gold mount battery plate adapter, 2-32GB SxS Pro cards, 1-64GB SxS Pro card, 1-Sony SxS card reader, & Alexa Hi Speed license.
Camera Info
Lens MountPL
Battery TypeGold Mount
Media TypeSxS

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