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500 Amp (60KVA) Crawford AC Generator- Truck Mounted



Single or 3 phase operation. Camlok outputs. No run time charges. You only pay for the fuel you use.


Rent for $775.00/day
Rent for $775.00 per day
Max Output - 500 Amps 120/240v Single Phase or 500 Amps 120/208v Three Phase. Fuel Capacity - 70 Gallons of Generator Fuel (27 hours at full load). Fuel Consumption - 2.7 gallons/hour @ 500 Amps - 1.7 gallons/hour @ 250 Amps. Truck Dimensions - 20ft 2in long x 8ft 1in wide x 7ft 9in tall. 11,500lbs full of fuel. GVW = 12,000lbs.

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