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200w HMI PAR - Joker/Bug AC/DC Kit

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The output of the Joker-Bug 200 can be compared to a 750 to 1000 watt quartz fixture, but with a power draw of only 3 Amps. It has become a standard for small interiors, interviews, documentaries and car shots.

The system will travel and operate in 110 and 240 Volt environments as well as 28.8 to 30 volt camera batteries or belts. The Par type design allows for a large spot to flood ration, compactness (no focusing), ease of use and efficiency. The popular set of four lenses (3 x Par 36 and a Frosted Fresnel) and barndoors will help to control the beam patterns from 5 degrees to 65 degrees. The “Bug-Lite” configuration is designed to fill evenly a Lantern or any size Chimera Lightbank, making it the perfect light for interviews.


Rent for $130.00/day
Rent for $130.00 per day
Product Info
Rental Includes

Fixture with 200w Lamp, Barndoor, Set of 3 Scrims & Set of 4 Lenses in Lens Bag, 1-Clear Beaker, 1-Frosted Beaker, 1-25' Lamphead to Ballast Cable, 200w AC/DC Electronic Ballast & ATA Kit Case.

  • Lamp Housing: Aluminum casting
  • Beamer Housing: Solid one piece machined aluminum, with replaceable ears
  • Safety Glass Beaker: Borosilicate UV filter tempered
  • Yoke: 5/8" baby size receptacle with large brake area for use of front end lightbanks, speed rings, louvers and lanterns
  • Lamp: 200w SE/HMI
  • Ballast: Electronic, square wave flicker free
  • AC input: 90-265V AC 50 or 60 Hz
  • DC Input: 28.8 to 30V DC
  • Dual function ON/OFF push button switch and completely silent (convection cooled)
  • Connectors: Veam quarter turn quick locking
  • Head to Ballast Cable: 9 ft attached to the head & 25 ft extension
  • Scrim Size: 5"
  • Weight of Head: 3.5 lbs
  • Case Dimensions: 17.5" x 12" x 16.5"
  • Total Kit Weight: 34 lbs

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