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138mm Round Filters



138mm filters are typically used in the donut of a matte box, but we also have adapter rings to use on the fronts of many zoom lenses.

Here's a partial list of the filters available at CQ in this size.  The full product listing is coming.

  • 812 Warming
  • 85 & 85 ND's
  • Black Promists
  • Corals
  • Classic Softs
  • Clears
  • Diopters
  • Enhancing Filter
  • FLB & FLD Filters
  • Low Con Filters
  • LLD Filter
  • ND Filters
  • Polarizer & Polarizer/85 Combo
  • Linear Polarizer
  • Split Diopters
  • Soft EFX Filters
  • White Promists
  • Yellows


Rent for $12.00/day
Rent for $12.00 per day

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