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1200w HMI Molebeam Projector

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The Type 8211 1,200 Watt 18” HMI MoleBeam Daylight Projector is designed to produce a streaming ray of Daylight (5600K.) This unit projects an 18” parallel beam of light that can be spotted and flooded from -5 to +15 degrees. This fixture operates well for projecting a shaft of light though windows to achieve sharp shadow effects. Equipped with safety screen.

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Rent for $180.00/day
Rent for $180.00 per day


  • SWITCH: ON and OFF push button switches mounted on rear of fixture
  • SAFETY SWITCH: Interlock microswitch on front door - shuts off power to globe socket if door is opened
  • MOUNTING:1-1/8" diameter Junior Yoke Pin
  • SAFETY GLASS: 18" diameter clear Pyrex glass
  • REFLECTOR: 20" parabolic glass mirror with high temperature reflective coating
  • ACCESSORY SIZE: 21" diameter
  • SIZE: 38" TB x 17-1/2" FB x 27-1/2" LR
  • HEAD WEIGHT: 48 lbs
Product Info
Manufacturer Part #8211
Rental Includes

Fixture with Lens Safety Cover & 1200w Lamp, 1-25' & 1-50' Lamphead to Ballast Cables & 1200w Electronic Ballast.

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