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Movcam 3 Axis Wireless FIZ System


Now available at CQ - the Movcam MOV-501-101 3 Axis Wireless Lens Control System. The Movcam system features:

  • Automatic or Manual motor calibration via the MCS-1 controller or the UM-3 digital motor
  • Simple lens stop programming
  • 4 different motor torque settings
  • Changeable motor direction & controller readout when mounting a motor on the operator side
  • Compatibility with Heden M2VE-L & H26VE motors
  • Programmable lens library
  • Ability to control Fujinon Cabrio or Canon CineServo Zooms (cables available soon)
  • WiFi control of RED DSMC2 camera systems
  • Start/Stop Record trigger control of Arri, RED, Canon, & other cameras

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