Cinequipt Estimate printed on November 24, 2017

On site at Cinequipt – The first of our Rental Studios

Studio C is a 45’ x 60’ (2700 square foot) space that is 25’ tall. It also features a 2 wall corner cyc (36’ x 44’ long) that's 20' tall, 24' high black drapes that cover three walls, 1800 amps of electrical service, 17 tons of air conditioning, a big air exhaust system, 360 square foot client area/production office, a 900 square foot lunchroom/production area with tables & seating for 34 people, and big bathrooms.

The best part about Studio C is that our entire rental & sales inventory is on site. Now creative changes can happen with minimal impact on your production, since we’re just footsteps away. Need a different filter or another lens? How about another light? Running low on media? There’s  no more waiting for that forgotten piece of gear that grinds production to a halt. You can get it all here.

Based on your input, we've redone the former production office space & turned it into more of a client area.  We added some work surfaces out in the production area, too.  There's also HDSDI & audio connections between Studio C and the client area and production area for your convenience.

Map & Directions to Studio C (PDF)
Studio C Floor Plan & Info (PDF)
Studio C FAQ's (PDF)
Equipment Package (PDF)

Studio C in action - Best Buy Yellow Tag Productions
"Thanks for a great job and for working with us on our budget. We couldn’t have done it otherwise."
C.A. – Minneapolis based UPM