Cinequipt Estimate printed on May 29, 2017

We are as excited to rent you our gear as you are to use it!

But first, a few details…

  • New Customers — Complete our New Customer Form (pdf) and send it back to us before your rental.  You can also bring it with you when you come in, or fill one out when you arrive.  New to the whole rental thing?  Check out Rental 101 in our Helpful Info section.
  • COD Accounts — Cash, money orders, checks, credit cards or debit cards acceptable forms of payment when your rental begins.  Credit cards may be processed via telephone, but will then need to be confirmed via email or a fax that includes a copy of the card and a signed copy of our Credit Card Authorization Form (pdf). Rentals paid for via cash, check, or debit card require a valid credit card or cash for a deposit equal to the value of the deductible of the renter's property insurance, or the replacement cost value of the equipment being rented. We also request a copy of a photo ID for the person picking up the equipment.
  • Open Accounts will be established upon completion of an Account Application (pdf) and receipt of favorable references. First orders are COD.
  • We need to have an acceptable and current Certificate of Insurance (sample pdf) in our possession before the equipment leaves our facility.  Policies with "unattended vehicle" disclaimers will not be accepted.  New to equipment insurance?  Check out Insurance 101 in our Helpful Info section.
  • For Minnesota sales tax details, see the MN ST-3 Sales Tax Exemption Form (pdf).
  • A complete copy of our terms and conditions is available in our office or here (pdf).

Studio Q in action
"Once again, I want to thank you for taking good care of us on our last shoot. Your gear performed perfectly, and the job was without stress or problems (equipment-wise). I'm so glad that you could work out a deal with the producers; I hope it was good for you. I will petition them to use you in the future. We shoot all over the country, so it makes equal sense to get the gear from you instead of New York or LA. You were great to work with them on the travel and layover days. Thanks again."
M.B. – New York based DP