Cinequipt Estimate printed on November 21, 2017

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Estimate Number 71132035
ItemDay RateQty# DaysTotal
Cameras > -35mm
deleteArri 35-3$350.0011$350.00
Lenses > -PL or EF Mount
deleteZeiss CP.2 18mm Compact Prime T3.6 - PL or EF Mount$65.0011$65.00
Lighting & Grip > -Generators
delete500 Amp (60KVA) Crawford AC Generator- Truck Mounted$550.0011$550.00
deleteHonda EU3000iS Generator - 2800w Continuous Rated$95.0011$95.00
Lighting & Grip > -Grip Equipment
deleteApple Box- Pancake$3.0011$3.00
Estimate Total: $1,063.00

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