Cinequipt Estimate printed on November 21, 2017
Arri 235 w/ 3 Perf
Daily Rental Rate: $1,000.00
Additional Information
Package Includes: 235 Body w/ 3 Perforation Movement, Ground Glass, Integrated Video System, Spherical Viewfinder, Short Extension Viewfinder, Wide Angle Eyepiece, 235 Riser Plate, PL Lens Body Cap, Magazine Port Cover, Manual, Right Hand Grip, Shoulder Pad, Handle, 2 - 24v Power Cables, 235 Battery Charger Cable, 2 - 235 On-Board Battery Cables, 2 - 235 On-Board Batteries, 235 On-Board Battery Charger, & Case.
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Camera Support
Lighting & Grip

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