Cinequipt Estimate printed on November 24, 2017
Teleprompter System - ikan Elite Pro Prompter with 12.9" iPad Pro
Daily Rental Rate: $125.00
Additional Information
The ikan Elite Pro includes a larger mount that will support the included 12.9" iPad Pro, the Surface Pro, or even mid-sized tablets like the iPad or iPad Air. The Elite Pro features an adjustable/foldable glass frame and quick-release camera platform for quick & easy set-up & tear-down. The Elite Pro is a 15mm rod-based system, equipped with a raised, quick-release camera platform above the rods, and with a tripod-mount platform underneath the rods.

An Elite Remote Control designed for use specifically with iPads is included as it the Elite Prompter App for the iPad.

The range of supported cameras sizes runs from small mirrorless HDSLR's to mid-level camcorder sizes. Successfully tested cameras include the Sony a7S on the small end, Canon C100 in the mid-range, and Panasonic DVX200 on the larger end. The Elite Pro uses a scientific-grade 70/30 glass, housed in an adjustable frame with a magnetic hood that provides a 20 ft reading range. The tripod-mount platform underneath the rods has a wide design and features multiple mounting holes, allowing for better stability and balance.


Elite Pro Prompter system, 12.9" iPad Pro with Elite Prompter app & bluetooth remote control, instructions & custom SKB case.


Available for purchase from CQ.



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