Cinequipt Estimate printed on November 25, 2017
Matthews VRig S30 VR Camera Support Kit
Daily Rental Rate: $25.00
Additional Information
By their very nature, spherical cameras see everything and are often left unattended amidst the action. They require a strong support system that is unobtrusive on set, and can be easily removed from the shot in post. The VRig S30 is a system specifically designed to have a small footprint to minimize nadir hole and shadow obstruction, yet maintains rock solid stability.

* VRig S30 Support stand with 30lbs. (13.6 kg) weight capacity
* Baby Ball Head Adapter (converts baby pin or junior receiver to 3/8" thread)
* Magic Finger Pivoting 3/8” camera mount (-15deg. to +90deg)
...more:* Barbell Weight Retainer - 3/8” threaded plate and retainer for standard and Olympic weights
* Black/Chroma Green Reversable Elastic Leg Skirt
* Travel Bag


Kit weight is 7.5lbs


Max height = 64.5 inches
Minimum height = 26 inches
Max footprint diameter = 37 inches
Minimum footprint diameter = 6 inches



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