Cinequipt Estimate printed on December 15, 2017
Cineped Rotational Slider - NEW
Daily Rental Rate: $175.00
Additional Information
The next generation of camera support is now at CQ. With Cineped, you can produce highly accurate linear movement like side to side, back and forth as well as particular movements or change of directions during a shot. Smooth, slight camera movements enhances production values. The moves are simply:
– pulling...move away
– pushing...move forward
– sliding...move side to side
– swinging...circular movement around an object
– seamless transition...change of position with continuous movement.

Smooth, slight camera movements create more visual depth, deeper emotional feelings, more visual variety typical pan, tilt or zoom movement. Independent movies, commercials, TV-productions and music videos are using Cineped to create dynamic emphasis with slight moving shots.


Quattro Tripod with case, Rotational Slider with Mitchell mount, 150mm adapter, 100mm adapter, & case.


Quattro Tripod - 450lbs
Rotational Slider - 100lbs at the edges


Quattro - 23lbs
Slider - 39 lbs


12" minimum or 56" maximum

Slider Length:

3.5 feet


Available for purchase from CQ. Please inquire.



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