Cinequipt Estimate printed on November 24, 2017
Matthews Mini Max Boom Stand
Daily Rental Rate: $30.00
Additional Information
MINI MAX allows you to hang a fixture in places where no other lighting support system may go - either into a corner or flush to the wall - as there are neither rear rails nor pipes required for counterbalance. When the POV will not accommodate a stand or fixture placement, MINI MAX can 'fly' right in, making it possible to strategically place either a Key Light, Top Light or Back Light where you need it.

MINI MAX can support a 20lb fixture 9ft high on a 9ft horizontal extension. MINI MAX will operate on a 105" maximum arc from 16ft high to 3ft below horizontal. MINI MAX features 3 Rocky Mountain Legs for non-level terrain, stairs or curbsides without the need for Apple Boxes. A 3:1 weight ratio is recommended for safe operation of MINI MAX.


65 inches folded for transport, about 9" diameter.


45 lbs.


20 lbs.

Set Up Video:

Mini Max Set Up Video



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