Cinequipt Estimate printed on November 20, 2017
Edirol R-4 Pro 4 Channel Recorder
Daily Rental Rate: $65.00
Additional Information
The R-4 Pro is a 4 channel location audio recorder with SMPTE time code capabilities and AES/EBU support. Record up to four channels at 24-bit 96KHz and monitor each channel discretely. Powered by an AC Adapter, internal AA batteries, our use the durable DC input jack with industry-standard battery packs to extend your on-location record time. Its 80GB hard drive will store up to 125 hours of high quality audio. You can plug in any standard USB drive and enjoy fast back-ups of your projects. The R-4 Pro has on-board effects and WAV editing features. Geared for pro videographers and recordists, the R-4 Pro delivers professional sound and features in a package that everyone can afford.
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