Cinequipt Estimate printed on April 25, 2017
Movcam 3 Axis Wireless Lens System is an affordable FIZ solution that doesn't sacrifice performance. $255.00/day
Wireless FIZ System - Movcam 3 Axis - NEW
The performance of a 10k fresnel from only 1600w. Daylight color temp with DMX control.


Mole 1600w Tener LED Daylite Fresnel - MORE
CQ Director's Monitor Rig System with 2 Teradek Bolt 300 receivers for multiple camera monitoring. $325.00/day
CQ Director's Monitor Rig System - NEW
The Diva LED 20 kit has tunable color temp, green/magenta hue control & a built in library of party colors. $105.00/day
Kino Flo Diva LED 20 Kit - NEW
More versatile than the RAVEN with changeable lens mounts & OLPS's, the SCARLET-W is here. $695.00/day
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Arri Battery - Arri SR-2 On Board 12V Battery$20.00
Arri Battery - Arri SR-3 On Board 24V Battery$25.00
Battery Belt - 30V 4AH$30.00
Block Battery - 12/24V Double Block$35.00
Block Battery - 12V Lead Acid Double Block$30.00
Block Battery - Anton/Bauer Cine VCLX 28/14.4V 38 AH Block$100.00
Block Battery - Anton/Bauer Cine VCLX/2 28/14V 19 AH Block$50.00
Cable - Camera Power Cable - 10ft. 12V or 24V$5.00
Cable - Camera Power Cable - 25ft. 12V or 24V$10.00
Cable - Y-Box - 12v or 24v$10.00
Canon Battery - BP-955 5400mAh Lithium Ion (for XF105/205/305 & C100/300/500)$15.00
Canon Battery - BP-975 7800mAh Lithium Ion (for XF105/205/305)$15.00
Canon Battery - BP-A30 45 Wh Lithium Ion (for C300 Mk II)$15.00
Gold Mount Battery - Anton/Bauer Dionic 90 93Wh Lithium Ion$25.00
Gold Mount Battery - Anton/Bauer Dionic HC 91Wh Lithium Ion$30.00
Gold Mount Battery - Anton/Bauer Dionic HCX 120Wh Lithium Ion$35.00
Gold Mount Battery - Anton/Bauer Hot Swap Battery Plate - Bebob$25.00
Gold Mount Battery - Anton/Bauer Hytron 140 140Wh NiCad$30.00
Gold Mount Battery - PAGlink HC-PL150T 150Wh Stackable Lithium Ion - NEW$35.00
Gold Mount Charger - Anton/Bauer Powercharger 2702 Quad Charger$25.00
Gold Mount Charger - Anton/Bauer Powercharger 2722 Dual Charger$15.00
Gold Mount Charger - Anton/Bauer Twin Dual Charger$15.00
Panasonic Battery - CGA-D54 5400mAh Lithium Ion (for HVX200/HPX170/HPX250/etc)$15.00
Panasonic Battery - VW-VBD58 5800mAh Lithium Ion (for PX270/DVX200)$15.00
Panasonic Battery - VW-VBG6 5400mAh Lithium Ion (for HMC40/150, AG-AC130/160, etc.)$15.00
Power Supply - IDX IA200a - 100w 12V$20.00
Power Supply - IDX IA60a - 60w 12V$15.00
Power Tap - Anton/Bauer Power Tap (P-Tap) Mutli Output Cable$5.00
Power Tap - Anton/Bauer QR Quad Power Tap (P-Tap) Gold Mount Sandwich Plate$5.00
Power Tap - GoPro Hero3/3+ P-Tap Adapter$5.00
Power Tap - IDX Quintuple Power Tap (P-Tap) V-Mount Sandwich Plate$5.00
Power Tap - P-Tap to USB Converter$5.00
RED Battery - RED Brick V-Mount Lithium Ion - 153 Wh$25.00
RED Battery - REDVolt Lithium Ion - 37 Wh (for DSMC EPIC or SCARLET)$10.00
Sony Battery - BP-U30 Lithium Ion - 23 Wh$7.50
Sony Battery - BP-U60 Lithium Ion - 56 Wh$15.00
Sony Battery - NP-F970 Lithium Ion 5800mAh$15.00
V-Mount Battery - IDX DUO-95 91Wh Lithium Ion V-Mount w/ P-Tap & USB$25.00
V-Mount Battery - IDX E-HL10DS 96Wh High Load Lithium Ion V-Mount$20.00
V-Mount Battery - IDX Endura E10 Stackable 94Wh Lithium Ion V-Mount$25.00
V-Mount Battery - IDX Endura E-HL9 Stackable 87Wh High Load Lithium Ion V-Mount$25.00
V-Mount Battery Plate - RED Brick Hot Swap Adapter Plate$25.00
V-Mount Battery Plate - 15mm LW - Bebob$20.00
V-Mount Battery Plate - 15mm LW - Tilta BMCC/HDSLR/C100/C300/C500$15.00
V-Mount Battery Plate - 15mm LW - Wooden Camera Slide Plate$15.00
V-Mount Charger - IDX VL-2 Plus Dual Charger/Power Supply$15.00
V-Mount Charger - IDX VL-4S Quad Charger/Power Supply$25.00
V-Mount Charger - IDX VL-PVC1 Single Charger$7.50
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