Cinequipt Estimate printed on March 29, 2017
Movcam 3 Axis Wireless Lens System is an affordable FIZ solution that doesn't sacrifice performance. $255.00/day
Wireless FIZ System - Movcam 3 Axis - NEW
The performance of a 10k fresnel from only 1600w. Daylight color temp with DMX control.


Mole 1600w Tener LED Daylite Fresnel - MORE
CQ Director's Monitor Rig System with 2 Teradek Bolt 300 receivers for multiple camera monitoring. $325.00/day
CQ Director's Monitor Rig System - NEW
The Diva LED 20 kit has tunable color temp, green/magenta hue control & a built in library of party colors. $105.00/day
Kino Flo Diva LED 20 Kit - NEW
More versatile than the RAVEN with changeable lens mounts & OLPS's, the SCARLET-W is here. $695.00/day
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ItemDay RateMore Info
Card Reader - CFast 2.0 Thunderbolt 2/USB 3.0 Lexar$10.00
Card Reader - CFast 2.0 USB 3.0 SanDisk$5.00
Card Reader - Hoodman Compact Flash FireWire 800/400$5.00
Card Reader - Lexar CompactFlash/SDHC USB 3.0$5.00
Card Reader - Sony SxS Thunderbolt$20.00
Card Reader - Sony SxS USB$10.00
Card Reader - Sony XQD USB 3.0$5.00
CFast 2.0 Card - 128GB SanDisk$50.00
CFast 2.0 Card - 256GB Lexar 3600X$95.00
CFast 2.0 Card - 64GB SanDisk$35.00
Compact Flash Card - 16GB UDMA$10.00
Compact Flash Card - 32GB Extreme Speed$20.00
Compact Flash Card - 32GB UDMA$15.00
Compact Flash Card - 64GB Extreme Speed$35.00
Compact Flash Card - 8GB UDMA$5.00
Compact Flash Card - Red 16GB$35.00
Duel-Systems P2 Card to Express Adapter$10.00
Express P2 Card - Panasonic 256GB$95.00
Express P2 Card Reader - Panasonic AU-XPD1 USB 3.0$20.00
Micro SDXC Card - 64GB U3 for Hero4 & 5/Osmo$17.50
P2 Card - Panasonic 16GB$20.00
P2 Card - Panasonic 32GB$30.00
P2 Card - Panasonic 4GB$5.00
P2 Card - Panasonic 64GB$50.00
P2 Card - Panasonic 8GB$10.00
P2 Reader - Panasonic AJ-PCD2 P2 Single USB$10.00
P2 Reader - Panasonic AJ-PCD20P 5 Bay P2 Drive$45.00
RED 120GB Mini-Mag SSD$45.00
RED 240GB Mini-Mag SSD$95.00
RED 320GB Raid Hard Drive$35.00
RED 512GB Mini-Mag SSD$175.00
RED 640GB Raid Hard Drive$55.00
RED Station 1.8" REDMAG Reader$25.00
RED Station Mini-Mag Reader$25.00
REDMAG 128GB 1.8" SSD$95.00
RED-Ram 128GB Solid State Drive$65.00
SDHC Card - 16GB$7.50
SDHC Card - 32GB$12.50
SDHC Card - 64GB$17.50
SDHC Card - 64GB Extreme Speed$25.00
SSD for BMCC - 240GB$20.00
SSD for Odyssey7/7Q/7Q+ - 512GB$40.00
SSD Reader - 2.5" USB 3.0$5.00
SSD/Caddy for PIX Recorders - 256GB$25.00
SxS Card - Sony 16GB$15.00
SxS Card - Sony 32GB Pro$25.00
SxS Card - Sony 64GB Pro$55.00
XQD Card - 64GB$35.00
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