Cinequipt Estimate printed on November 21, 2017
The Cineped Rotational Slider enables smooth multi-directional camera movements and visual depth. $175.00/day
Cineped Rotational Slider - NEW
The performance of a 10k fresnel from only 1600w. Daylight color temp with DMX control.


Mole 1600w Tener LED Daylite Fresnel
The C200 records 4K to an internal CFast 2.0 card using Canon's storage-friendly Cinema RAW Light format. $295.00/day
Canon C200 4K EF Mount - NEW
Real-time iOS video monitoring over WiFi using the free VUer app. Connect up to 10 devices.


Teradek Serv Pro - NEW
Light your talent in the right light with true daylight and tungsten LED's or be bold with color. $160.00/day
Litepanels Gemini 2x1 LED Soft Panel - NEW
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ItemDay RateMore Info
2 x 4 Slider w/ Jr. Receiver & 5/8" Pin$2.00
2 x 6 Slider w/ Jr. Receiver & 5/8" Pin$2.00
6" Baby Pin with Collar$2.00
6" Pump Cup w/ Baby Pin$5.00
6" Pump Cup w/ Baby Swivel Pin$5.00
Baby Bail Block$2.50
Baby Double Header$3.00
Baby Stand Extension, 24"$2.50
Baby Stand Extension, 12"$2.50
Baby Stand Extension, 18"$2.50
Baby Stand Extension, 6"$2.50
Baby Triple Header$3.00
Base Plate, Mole$2.00
Cardellini Clamp- 6" Long End Jaw$3.50
Cardellini Clamp- End Jaw$3.50
Cardellini Clamp- Long Center Jaw$3.50
C-Clamp, Baby- 10"$5.00
C-Clamp, Baby- 12"$5.00
C-Clamp, Baby- 4"$2.50
C-Clamp, Baby- 6"$2.50
C-Clamp, Baby- 8"$3.50
Chain Vise Grip w/ Baby Pin$3.50
Cheeseboro to Baby Pin$2.50
Drop Ceiling Scissors Clamp w/ Baby Pin$2.00
Drop Ceiling Scissors Clamp w/ Cable Hook$2.00
Furniture Clamp Baby Pin Slider$2.00
Furniture Clamp w/ Baby Pin- 12"$3.50
Furniture Clamp w/ Baby Pin- 18"$3.50
Furniture Clamp w/ Baby Pin- 24"$3.50
Furniture Clamp w/ Baby Pin- 36"$3.50
Furniture Clamp w/ Baby Pin- 6"$3.50
Gaffer Grip$2.50
Gator Grip, Mole$2.50
Gluing Clamp, Baby 48"$5.00
J-Hooks for Mafer Clamp$0.75
Junior to Baby Stand Adapter$2.50
Kino Cluster Stand Adapter$2.00
Lowel Full Pole$2.00
Lowel Half Pole$2.00
Lowel Interlink$1.00
Lowel Screw in Stud$1.00
Lowel Stud Link$1.00
Lowel Tota Clamp$1.50
Mafer Clamp w/ Baby Pin$2.50
Magic Arm for Mafer Clamp$3.00
Menace Arm Hardware Set (SR Tubing Boom, 1-1/4")$10.00
Mini-Matth Boom$3.00
Modern Flag/Gel Frame Baby Pin$2.00
Modern Recessed Lighting Adapter$2.00
Offset Arm, Baby$2.50
Pipe Clamp, Baby$2.50
Pipe Clamp, Theatrical$1.00
Putty Knife w/ Baby Pin$2.50
Right Angle Baby Pin$2.00
Safety Cable$1.00
Side Arm, Baby$2.50
TVMP Stand Adapter$2.50
Vise Grip w/ Baby Pin$3.50
Wall Plate, Baby$2.00
Wall Plate, Baby 12"$2.00
Wall Plate, Baby 6"$2.00
Wall Plate, Baby 90 Degree$2.50
Wall Plate, Baby Receiver$2.50
Wall Plate, Baby Swivel$2.50
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