Cinequipt Estimate printed on October 19, 2017
The Cineped Rotational Slider enables smooth multi-directional camera movements and visual depth. $175.00/day
Cineped Rotational Slider - NEW
The performance of a 10k fresnel from only 1600w. Daylight color temp with DMX control.


Mole 1600w Tener LED Daylite Fresnel
Easily capture and share the world around you in 360° with the Orah 4i Live Spherical VR Camera. $145.00/day
Orah 4i Live Spherical VR Camera
The Diva LED 20 kit has tunable color temp, green/magenta hue control & a built in library of party colors. $105.00/day
Kino Flo Diva LED 20 Kit
More versatile than the RAVEN with changeable lens mounts & OLPS's, the SCARLET-W is here. $695.00/day
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ItemDay RateMore Info
10x12 Chroma Green Screen Fabric w/ Pipe Pocket$25.00
10x20 Brown/Green Camo Net$20.00
10x20 White/White Camo Net$20.00
12x12 1/4 Stop Silk Fabric$35.00
12x12 Black/White Griffolyn Fabric$25.00
12x12 Bleached Muslin Fabric$35.00
12x12 Chroma Blue Screen Fabric$50.00
12x12 Chroma Green Screen Fabric$50.00
12x12 Claycoat/SuperBounce Fabric$35.00
12x12 Digital Green Screen Fabric$50.00
12x12 Double Scrim Fabric$50.00
12x12 Faux China Silk Fabric$35.00
12x12 Frame - 1-1/4" SR Tubing$30.00
12x12 Frame - Break-A-Part$30.00
12x12 Frame - Square Tube$25.00
12x12 Gold & Silver Checkerboard Fabric (Lisa-Marie)$35.00
12x12 Gold/White Reflective Fabric (Elvis)$35.00
12x12 Grid Cloth Fabric$35.00
12x12 Half Soft Frost Fabric$35.00
12x12 Light Grid Cloth Fabric$35.00
12x12 Light Halo Silk Fabric$35.00
12x12 Lighttools Soft Egg Crate - 50 Degrees$125.00
12x12 Location Chroma Blue Screen Fabric$35.00
12x12 Overhead Set$175.00
12x12 Silent 1/4 Grid Cloth Fabric$35.00
12x12 Silent Frost Fabric$35.00
12x12 Silent Grid Cloth Fabric$35.00
12x12 Silent Light Grid Cloth Fabric$35.00
12x12 Silk Fabric$25.00
12x12 Silver/White Reflective Fabric (Priscilla)$35.00
12x12 Single Scrim Fabric$50.00
12x12 Solid Black Fabric$25.00
12x12 Solid IFR Black Fabric$25.00
12x12 Unbleached Muslin Fabric$35.00
12x20 Chroma Green Screen Fabric$75.00
12x20 Claycoat/SuperBounce Fabric$40.00
12x20 Frame - 1-1/4" SR Tubing$40.00
12x20 Silent 1/4 Grid Cloth Fabric ONLY$40.00
12x20 Silent Light Grid Cloth Fabric$40.00
12x20 Silk Fabric$35.00
12x20 Solid Fabric$35.00
14x40 Solid Stringer Fabric$60.00
14x60 Solid Stringer Fabric$75.00
20x20 1/4 Stop Silk Fabric$60.00
20x20 Black/White Griffolyn Fabric$50.00
20x20 Bleached Muslin Fabric$60.00
20x20 Brown/Green Camo Net$40.00
20x20 Chroma Blue Screen Fabric$110.00
20x20 Chroma Green Screen Fabric$110.00
20x20 Claycoat/SuperBounce Fabric$60.00
20x20 Double Scrim Fabric$85.00
20x20 Frame - 1-1/4" SR Tubing$55.00
20x20 Frame - Square Tube$50.00
20x20 Gold/White Reflective Fabric (Elvis)$60.00
20x20 Grid Cloth Fabric$60.00
20x20 Half Soft Frost Fabric$60.00
20x20 Light Grid Cloth Fabric$60.00
20x20 Location Chroma Blue Screen Fabric$75.00
20x20 Overhead Set$350.00
20x20 Seamless Bleached Muslin Fabric$90.00
20x20 Seamless Unbleached Muslin Fabric$90.00
20x20 Silk Fabric$50.00
20x20 Silver/White Reflective Fabric (Priscilla)$60.00
20x20 Single Scrim Fabric$85.00
20x20 Solid Black Fabric$50.00
20x30 Solid Black Fabric$70.00
20x40 Chroma Blue Screen Fabric$220.00
20x40 Chroma Green Screen Fabric$220.00
30x40 Silk Fabric$125.00
6x6 1/4 Grid Cloth Fabric$20.00
6x6 1/4 Silk Fabric$20.00
6x6 Black/White Griffolyn Fabric$14.00
6x6 Bleached Muslin Fabric$20.00
6x6 Butterfly Set$85.00
6x6 Claycoat/SuperBounce Fabric$20.00
6x6 Digital Green Screen Fabric$20.00
6x6 Double Scrim Fabric$20.00
6x6 Frame - Square Tube$14.00
6x6 Frame Slider$2.50
6x6 Gold/White Reflective Fabric (Elvis)$20.00
6x6 Grid Cloth Fabric$20.00
6x6 Half Soft Frost Fabric$20.00
6x6 Light Grid Cloth Fabric$20.00
6x6 Silent 1/4 Grid Cloth Fabric$20.00
6x6 Silent Frost Fabric$20.00
6x6 Silent Light Grid Cloth Fabric$20.00
6x6 Silk Fabric$14.00
6x6 Silver/White Reflective Fabric (Priscilla)$20.00
6x6 Single Scrim Fabric$20.00
6x6 Solid Black Fabric$14.00
6x6 Unbleached Muslin Fabric$20.00
8x12 Claycoat/SuperBounce Fabric$32.50
8x12 Frame - Square Tube$22.50
8x12 Silent Light Grid Fabric$32.50
8x8 1/4 Stop Silk Fabric$30.00
8x8 Black/White Griffolyn Fabric$20.00
8x8 Bleached Muslin Fabric$30.00
8x8 Chroma Blue Screen Fabric$30.00
8x8 Chroma Green Screen Fabric$30.00
8x8 Claycoat/SuperBounce Fabric$30.00
8x8 Digital Green Screen Fabric$30.00
8x8 Double Scrim Fabric$30.00
8x8 Frame - Square Tube$20.00
8x8 Gold & Silver Checkerboard Fabric (Lisa-Marie)$30.00
8x8 Gold/White Reflective Fabric (Elvis)$30.00
8x8 Grid Cloth Fabric$30.00
8x8 Half Soft Frost Fabric$30.00
8x8 Light Grid Cloth Fabric$30.00
8x8 Lighttools Soft Egg Crate - 50 Degree$65.00
8x8 Overhead Set$120.00
8x8 Silent 1/4 Grid Cloth Fabric$30.00
8x8 Silent Frost Fabric$30.00
8x8 Silent Light Grid Cloth Fabric$30.00
8x8 Silk Fabric$20.00
8x8 Silver/White Reflective Fabric (Priscilla)$30.00
8x8 Single Scrim Fabric$30.00
8x8 Solid Black Fabric$20.00
8x8 Unbleached Muslin Fabric$30.00
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