Cinequipt Estimate printed on September 19, 2017
Tokina Vista Primes Now at CQ
Date: 6/29/17

The Tokina Vista Beyond Full Frame T1.5 Cinema Prime Lenses have arrived at CQ. Currently the 35mm, 50mm & 85mm lenses are available, with the 25mm coming later this summer. We have them for rental in a PL Mount, but many other mounts are available for purchase.

These lenses are a clean sheet design, not re-housed photo lenses. They were designed to cover the upcoming generation of full frame format cinema cameras due out within the next year, but perform well on all digital cinema cameras. They feature an image circle of 46.7mm, fantastic performance over a wider than normal T Stop range, and almost zero focus breathing.

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$6000 C300 Mk II Price Reduction$6000 Price Reduction on the Canon C300 Mk II
Date: 8/1/17

Canon has just announced a $6000 Price Reduction on the C300 Mk II camera. That means the camera is just $9999.

0% 24 month financing is available too.

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MNDOT I-94 Project Impacts Access to CQ
Date: 4/1/17

If it's spring it's road construction season. This year MNDOT is working a major I-94 project from I-35W to I-694 that might slow down your trip to CQ.

Current Traffic Impacts

Uncoated Cooke S4 Primes
Date: 4/19/17
Just as CQ was one of the first rental companies in the US with Cooke S4 primes, we're proud to be one of the first that will be able to offer these premium lenses with the "S4 Uncoated Cooke Look".

Per Jon Fauer, "the S4 Uncoated Cooke Look is lower contrast, milkier shadows, weird aberrations, flares, and streaks. In a word: “vintage.” Cooke chairman Les Zellan prefers the word “funky.” Cooke lens designers simply call it “uncoated” and leave it up to cinematographers to describe their creative compulsions."

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$5000 Price Reduction on the Canon 17-120mm CineServo
Date: 7/2/17

Canon has just announced a $5000 price reduction on the CineServo 17-120mm T2.95 Zoom Lens. Now just $26,350.

0% 24 month financing is available too.

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$1000 Price Reduction on Canon Cinema Prime Lenses
Date: 7/2/17

Canon has just announced a $1000 per lens price reduction on any of the Canon Cinema Prime Lenses. Lenses now start at $3950 and discounts are available when you purchase or lease 3 or more lenses.

0% 24 month financing is available too.

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SCARLET-W now available at CQ
Date: 3/14/17

The SCARLET-W fits neatly between the RAVEN and the EPIC-W with a max of 48fps using the entire frame of the 5K sensor. SCARLET-W and RAVEN share the same processor speeds internally (140MB/s), though RAVEN is limited as it has a physically smaller sensor. Both cameras can ultimately top out at 150fps at resolutions below 5K. SCARLET-W is also twice as fast as the previous SCARLET DRAGON, and is capable of 4:1 compression at 24fps, half that of the 8:1 minimum on the SCARLET DRAGON.

There's much more versatility with the SCARLET-W over RAVEN since you can change the lens mounts and the OLPF's (optical low pass filters), something that's just not possible on the RAVEN.

Now available for rental or purchase.

$2000 C300 Price ReductionCanon C300 $2000 Price Reduction
Date: 8/1/17

Just announced - a $2000 price reduction on the original Canon C300 with Dual Pixel Autofocus. Now just $4999.

0% 24 month or 1.9% 36 month financing is available too.

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New Super PeeWee III Plus Now in Rental
Date: 2/1/17

The PeeWee is the camera dolly that revolutionized the ability to use a Hollywood style camera dolly on location back in the 1980's. The main features of the Super PEEWEE® III Plus are:

* Improved universal level head
* Built in Rotating Offset
* Quick 4 height adjustable built in level head riser
* Universal stop valve system for setting up & down limits

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Movcam 3 Axis Wireless FIZ System
Date: 2/1/17
Now available at CQ - the Movcam MOV-501-101 3 Axis Wireless Lens Control System. The Movcam system features:

* Automatic or Manual motor calibration via the MCS-1 controller or the UM-3 digital motor
* Simple lens stop programming
* 4 different motor torque settings
* Changeable motor direction & controller readout when mounting a motor on the operator side
* Compatibility with Heden M2VE-L & H26VE motors
* Programmable lens library
* Ability to control Fujinon Cabrio or Canon CineServo Zooms (cables available soon)
* WiFi control of RED DSMC2 camera systems
* Start/Stop Record trigger control of Arri, RED, Canon, & other cameras

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Canon XF/XA Camcorder Instant Rebates
Date: Thru 9/30/17

Extended & improved - Instant Rebates on the entire Canon Professional Camcorder line - good through 9/30/17.

* XF305 - $3999 after $1000 Instant Rebate
* XF300 - $3499 after $500 Instant Rebate
* XF205 - $2999 after $1000 Instant Rebate
* XF200 - $2499 after $1000 Instant Rebate
* XF105 - $2499 after $500 Instant Rebate
* XF100 - $1999 after $500 Instant Rebate
* XA35 - $2099 after $400 Instant Rebate
* XA30 - $1599 after $400 Instant Rebate

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Canon XC10 $500 Instant Rebate
Date: Thru 9/30/17

Just Extended- a $500 instant rebate on the Canon XC10 Hybrid 4K Camcorder, just $1999.

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Canon 0% 24 Month Financing Extended Thru 9/30/17
Date: Thru 9/30/17

0% 24 month financing from Canon has been extended. You can even include EF lenses and batteries with your camera at 0%.

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Canon 1.9% 36 Month Financing Extended
Date: Thru 9/30/17

1.9% 36 month financing from Canon has been extended. You can even include EF lenses and batteries with your camera at 1.9%.

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NEW Gear in our Rental Department
Date: Right Now

Search our Rental Catalog with the word "new" & you'll find all the latest gear we've added during the last few months. Keep watching - there's always more on the way.

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Air Travel with Li-Ion Batteries - Updated 4/1/2016
Date: April 1, 2016

The rules for air travel & lithium-ion batteries changed on January 1, 2015 & shipping by cargo changed on April 1, 2016. Here are a few links that you should check on for more information before you go so that you're not caught unaware.

US Deparment of Transportation.

IDX Systems


Great explanation from UPS about shipping batteries without equipment.

Revised Sales Tax Laws in MN
Date: 7/1/15

Effective July 1, 2015, MN is now allowing an up front Sales Tax Exemption on many capital equipment purchases. Check with your tax professional to find out if you qualify.

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Used & Closeout Gear
Date: Limited Quantities

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