Cinequipt Estimate printed on May 29, 2017

CQ's Rental 101

Thanks for choosing to rent from Cinequipt.  Our goal is to make you & your shoot successful.  Here are a few rental tips that will help us meet that goal.

1.     If you haven’t rented from us before, allow us some extra time to get you set up in our computer system when you come in for your first rental.  You can speed the process up by filling out our New Customer Info form in advance & sending it in to us before your rental.

2.     Don’t be afraid to ask questions – we like to help.  We hear too many stories about gear “not working” on set that turns out to be nothing more than someone not knowing how to use it, or not ordering a separate critical part.  If you don’t ask, we have to assume you’re up to speed on the gear you request.

3.     Reserve your gear in advance & remember to cancel it if your shoot changes – someone might need the gear you reserved.  If we call & you confirm your order, you’ll be responsible to pay for the rental of the gear for the dates in question even if your needs or dates change.  We’ll only call if another customer is ready to commit to the gear you have reserved.  If you can’t confirm it and the other customer can, we’ll need to reserve the gear for them.

4.     Be prompt with your equipment pickup.  Rental pickups are available after 3pm the day before the rental.  Many times we can accommodate earlier pickups.  If that helps out, please ask us if it’s possible.

5.     Treat the gear with respect.  Someone else is counting on renting it after you’re done with it.

6.     If you believe you have an equipment problem – call us.  Someone’s available 24/7.  Many times we can resolve it right over the phone.  If we don’t get a chance to resolve it, you’re responsible for the rental charges.

7.     Be prompt with your equipment return.  Someone might be waiting for you to bring the gear back so that they can use it & someday that might be you.  Rental returns are due before 10am the day after your rental.


Thanks again & have a great shoot.

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Minneapolis finest rental gear @ 1989 at Paisley Park Studios
"Thank you again for inviting me to your open house. I learned more than I imaged from the vendors who gave me some new ideas about some new products I wasn't aware of. The vendors were very generous and helpful. I go way back with you guys and you have always been helpful and fair with all my dealings with you. You guys are a first class act. Thanks again."
P.K. – Minneapolis based producer/videographer