Cinequipt Estimate printed on July 28, 2017

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President - Dawn Mans
CFO - Kellie Kreller
General Manager - Greg Meyers

Camera Rental Manager - Chris Beales
Camera Technical - David Tufford
Camera Prep - David Ishida
Lighting & Grip Rental Manager - Mitch Thompson
Lighting & Grip Rental - Chris Fedunok
Studio Rental - Mitch Thompson

Sales Manager - Bryan Heiber
Sales Specialist - Mike Wallace
Sales Specialist - Kable Lefto
The Minneapolis home of Cinequipt
"I hate (some not too distant city) – (The owner) from (the rental company) is an a-hole hack - He threatened to shut my job down when I questioned why he was charging me 700.00 for a basic grip truck... (not too distant city) mafia style. Errrrrr... I take you for granted some times. I really appreciate your professionalism, your quality of work, your gear and honesty."
N.E. – Minneapolis based producer